Personalize the most important day
With perfect & beautiful decorations

Regardless of the event, the one thing that will separate you from the others who do it is the decorations. Decorations always give your event your own sense of uniqueness. It gives you the ability to put your own touch on it, and make it personal. Vebudo events give priority to decorations when planning your events. We make sure every detail you want to be put into decorations is met. From fresh beautiful flowers, lights, welcome statues to kolam drawn on the ground. We take care of it all. We spice things up according to your budget and theme with careful attention and creativity. You tell us what you want the day to look and feel like, and we will make it happen.

Wedding Decoration

A magical day to remember

Your wedding comes once in a lifetime which is why we want to make it as magical as we can. It’s your day, and we want to respect every aspect of it. Our team will work closely with you in any style of decoration and theme you choose. From a breathtaking stage decoration to light up the whole event to your honeymoon suite flooded with rose petals, we handle everything in between. Whether your wedding and reception are in a church hall, a hotel banquet room, a garden park, a beach, or backyard.  our decorations will make the event unique and enchanting.

  • Choose what best suits you
  • Plan it out with our team
  • Let us work our magic
  • Enjoy the magnificent finish 


The stage is the heart of all the rituals and costumes that are to be performed. The tone and theme of the stage decoration set the mood for the whole event. This is why Vebudo takes every measure to ensure it’s comfortable as well as breathtakingly beautiful. Our stage decorations are available in many styles suitable for any special occasion. From fresh flowers to artificial flowers our designs are structured according to your budget. We want your wedding to be pinpoint perfect and your mandapa to be even more precise. 


Kolam is a form of drawing drawn using rice flour, chalk, chalk powder, or rock powder, often with natural or synthetic powders. They are drawn in special designs to celebrate festivals and other important days and events. Your wedding or reception is one of the biggest days of your life. This is why we bring in professional kolam artists to design your kolam. We have a large selection of designs to choose from according to your price range. If not, our artists are more then happy to cooperate with any designs you have in mind.

Reception Decoration

The first dance and more

When you step into the crowd as Mr & Mrs for the first time, it has to be spectacular. Your reception decoration has to show off who you are as a couple and still blend in with the overall wedding theme. Our decorators are articular and skilled in making this the most beautiful day of your life. From flashing beautiful lights, magnificent floral designs, we can provide it all.  Vebudo will work along with your theme! We deliver a stunning range of styles for your reception from romantic, modern, retro, traditional, or elegant to anything you want. Everything you need to the finest detail will be looked after, like the reception room decoration, head table decoration, wedding place card table, wedding backdrop and drapery, lounge decorations…etc. Our team of talented designers infuses refinement and elegance with cutting edge style to create unforgettable memories. Because We know your wedding reception is a celebration to be cherished for many years to come.

Why Choose us

Reasons for choose Vebudo events...

We provide an array of services to make your celebration special. We cater to those that wish to pick every aspect of their important day individually and for those that wish to entrust the full planning to us. Our handpicked and well-planned services will be the backbone in bringing your dream-like reality to perfection.