A day to feel like a queen

Make this day special for your daughter

The decorations, regardless of the event, are the one thing that will separate you from the others. Often decorations give the celebration a sense of its own glamour. It allows you to make it personal and put your own touch on it. Decorations are given priority when planning your events with Vebudo Events. We ensure that every detail that you want is met with a high standard. From colourful lights, table decorations, hall decorations to the ceremony theme. We take care of it all. We spice things up according to your budget and theme with careful attention and creativity. You tell us how your daughter’s day should look and feel like, and we will make it happen. 

A beautiful milestone

Celebrated with elegant decorations

This is the most beautiful day for your daughter. With Vebudo Events we bring the spectacular into your ceremony from elegant lights, hall decorations, to breathtaking backdrops, kolam drawn at the entrance to so much more. We decorate your desired location according to your wish. Our decorators will work closely with you as well as your daughter to create something beautiful that everyone will enjoy. According to your budget, your daughter will receive the best day of her life. We can create the perfect We can create the most perfect day for your daughter to remember for a lifetime. 

  • Grand decorations
  • Extravagant floral arrangements
  • Perfect colour theme
  • Fun girlish style
Why Choose us

Reasons for choose Vebudo events...

We provide an array of services to make your celebration special. We cater to those that wish to pick every aspect of their important day individually and for those that wish to entrust the full planning to us. Our handpicked and well-planned services will be the backbone in bringing your dream-like reality to perfection.