The perfect fragrance and colors

To brighten up your entire event

Flowers play a vital role in bringing vibrant colourful light to any event. It gives your event a new look. Without the proper floral decoration, your wedding will seem incomplete. Vebudo events take good care of all your floral needs with special care. A beautiful flower arrangement makes all the difference in an event. It brings joy to the eyes as well as set the tone for the whole event. If it is a wedding ceremony floral decoration is an essential part, as you begin the new journey of your life surrounded by natural beauty and fragrance. We deliver elegant flower arrangements as well as professional florists to match every occasion, from traditional to modern styles. Our florist will create the perfect atmosphere for your events including birthday parties, corporate events, puberty celebrations, weddings, receptions, and any other event you wish. We bring to you flowers that will last in its beautiful aromas throughout your whole event. Colours handpicked to suit your theme and decoration style.

The Floral Garlands

The garlands have been used as symbols of purity, beauty, peace, love, and passion in many cultures around the world. It gives a beautiful sense of unity and hope for the person in its possession. The bride’s ritual garlanding a groom marks the beginning of wedding ceremonies. Which is why we want to make this moment perfect both for the bride and groom. We custom make your garlands to match the outfits worn by the bride and groom, as well as the theme of the wedding. Each flower is chosen to fit the particular structure of the perfect garlands. Colours will fold over each other to give a beautiful final look to your garlands. 

  • Beautiful fresh flowers
  • High-quality structure
  • Long-lasting fragrance 
  • Custom made for you

Breathtaking Flower Bouquet

Your flower bouquet is the biggest statement for your wedding. It speaks a thousand words and holds all the joy of your big day. Very special care must be given to the whole structure of what you want it to look like. Our bouquet designers will sit with you and design the perfect bouquet for you. If you don’t have an idea they will show you many beautiful designs to choose from. Each flower will receive special attention when put together to last throughout the whole event with its beautiful aroma. It can be designed with natural flowers to represent the life of the event or artificial flower so that you can look back on it after years to come. The choice is yours.

Why Choose us

Reasons for choose Vebudo events...

We provide an array of services to make your celebration special. We cater to those that wish to pick every aspect of their important day individually and for those that wish to entrust the full planning to us. Our handpicked and well-planned services will be the backbone in bringing your dream-like reality to perfection.